Winter Shaker Needle Minder

Barefoot Needleart

SKU: BFM - 31-2

Cozy up with the feel of snow and love when you shake these Needle Minders as you stitch your way to a finish.


You must get magnetized by this product. Put one on the corner of your stitching, the magnet is so strong, it will catch your needle if you drop it in that direction. instead of sticking you needle in the arm of the chair (for someone else to discover!!) keep it safe with a needle minder.

Holiday Shaker Bottle Cap Needle Minders are made of resin, charms, and little bits to make it shake.

Approximate Size: 1 inch in diameter 

To use, simply slide the two magnets apart, place the top of your minder on the front of your project and place the second magnet underneath your project.

The magnets that are used are earth magnets. These magnets are very strong so keep away from electronics. When handing the needle minder please ensure you slide the magnets apart as opposed to banging them together.

***These magnets are very strong and are a choking hazard. Please be sure to keep them away from pets, children and any electronics***